Styled by Sam: Dress Like a New Yorker

This past summer, I’ve met some incredible, inspiring people that I’m blessed to have worked with and whom I continue to be in touch with. One of them is Samantha, who I met while working at Susanna Galanis. Samantha is a powerful, shy yet outgoing (once you get to know her) and beautiful young girl from the inside and out. She’s attending college in Boston, hopefully transferring to LIM in the big apple soon, with desires to be a writer in the fashion industry. I’ve taken her on as one of A Life in the Fashion Lane’s newest team members, so get used to seeing this bright girl on my blog and on newsstands in the future! 

With New York Fashion Week in full swing (correction, this post was supposed to go up mid-fashion week madness, sorry Sam), I figured since most of us aren’t lucky enough to attend we might as well dress as if we were. I’ve spent my fair share of time in New York City throughout the years and know that place up, down, front, back, and sideways. This summer specifically, I have totally embraced the NYC style and attitude – dress like you’re depressed and act like you’re the s***. Some may say it takes ten years of living in the city before you classify as an official “New Yorker”, but dress like this and it’ll only take one day: Wear All Black.

New Yorkers stray away from color, so as much as you might enjoy the idea of hot pink and neon green, avoid wearing anything that doesn’t look like you’re headed for a funeral. A bonus I found to wearing black everyday was a tremendous amount of time saved in the morning when I didn’t have to bother with matching colors, because black always matches black. Pink does not always match black, but black always matches black. And if you happen to look like a ninja, just roll with it.

Chicnova jumpsuit, Zappos hat, Nasty Gal boot, Black clutch, Chicnova jacket, Cover-Up.

New York City is home to a number of celebrities whom efforts to fly under the radar have rubbed off on all other residents. New Yorkers think they’re special and their huge egos must be covered with big bug-eye sunglasses and floppy hats (and the odd ski mask). The perk to covering up is that you are also protecting yourself from the sun. Do you want to look 50 years old when you’re 30? Well then wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats at all times, summer or winter. For an extra New Yorker touch, keep your sunglasses on even while you’re inside – your beautiful face is too precious to be seen by the sun and the public. Or the dude playing music in the subway station.

Zappos hat, Dee Berkley necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses, Bare Escentuals lipstick Layer Love.

For a city that’s home to some of the skinniest people I’ve seen, New Yorkers have a tendency to hide their frail frames with mounds of clothing – black clothing to be specific. You will most likely appear as a giant black moving blob, but I assure you that so do many New Yorkers walking down the sidewalk. In their defense, the winter months do reach freezing temperatures which calls for layers upon layers of dark clothing (yes, you have an excuse to look like a monster!) What I advise you take from this is to purchase clothes in your proper size but reach for basics like jeans, t-shirts, jackets, and scarves that can be easily layered for a dimensional New Yorker look.

Brian Lichtenberg beanie, Nasty Gal boot, Express pant, Phonx Says jacket.

I’ll be moving back to Boston, MA in just a few days and will dearly miss my city, BUT moving up north will not change how I dress. I’ve developed a style this summer that represents me – the style of a New Yorker (mine is just a little less funeral and a little more 5th Avenue gal). I’ll be back NYC, you just wait!



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