Milane Noir//A NYFW Story

This season, we’ve witnessed several new fashion designers hitting the NYFW scene. So long to the concept that Lincoln Center is where everything is, and say hello to off-site shows, showroom meetings instead of runway viewings, and a lot less chaos. My team and I are quite excited to see how this newer designers make a splash this season at Fashion Week. 

I sent one of my contributors, Aly, out to preview this collection and do a write-up for me. Her thoughts are below. Follow her personal blog here

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Photo cred to Shana Jade Photography.

Milane Noir’s S/S 2015 ready to wear collection is sentimental, inspired, colorful, and minimal chic.

The presentation was held up in a relatively bare studio with white walls, a DJ and bar; which is simple and elegant. The atmosphere was light and friendly, with everyone eager to see the designer’s latest pieces for spring/summer 2015.

I got to talk with the designer herself after the presentation and she was one of the sweetest, most down to earth ladies I’ve ever met. She greeted me with a big smile and when I asked her what the inspiration for her line was, she smiled even bigger. Rarely do we see designers who are inviting to chat and say hello versus stone cold and only looking to chat business, so this was a pretty new change for me. 

The line was inspired by her mother. When she was little her mother would sing, “You are My Sunshine,” to her. Milane Noir incorporates that idea of lightness and sun, whether it be through the colors or the fun, lively prints. Each piece, if worn outside while basking in the sunlight, would shine oh so brightly, it would be reminiscent of the sun itself.  Her mother, she said (while putting a piece of hair slightly behind her ear) is also very minimalist in the way she dresses, so most of the clothes were classic, basic pieces. I went crazy over the white crops, circle skirts, loose and airy fits and happy, sun-inspired shades of color. These are pieces I would wear on a picnic with my friends or boyfriend, or to school, where the entire schools eyes would be on me (in a good way). 

Just like the lovely Miss. Milane, the loft and the collection itself was full of positive energy.

Wonderful presentation, wonderful designer! Make sure to keep your eye on Milane style seekers.

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