Live from the Steps

Looking for The Blonds, but for cheaper? One of my latest craves is international designer Kali, who recently released their latest collection, right near the release of The Blonds S/S collection! 

Kali’s range is exclusively available at LastaShop, where you will find her unique takes on playsuits, kimonos, leggings and dresses. Born in Iceland, Svala “Kali” Björgvinsdóttir is a singer, songwriter, pop-star, and well-known as the front woman of the pop-band Steed Lord. Svala achieved stardom in 2000 with her international hit “The Real Me,” which attracted global interest, establishing Svala as an emerging talent in the worlds of pop and Electronica. In 2006 Svala formed the band Steed Lord, and became KALI—an on-stage alter-ego that enabled Svala to let loose her creativity through costuming, stylising and appearances.

Aeropostale denim, Jessica Simpson heels, H&M jacket, Susanna Galanis jewelry.

Looking back through old New York Fashion Week pics (as if FW occurred months ago, and it was only a few weeks) I stopped at these few. Not because this outfit was my favorite, or it was a particular fantastic day of shows, but because I’ve been having moments upon my time in NYC where I stop and capture one moment in the middle of this non-stop madness that is New York. The other day, it was Bryant Park yoga with one of my closest friends, where over 300 people flock to Bryant Park and remain calm and still for 1 hour, while the city hustles and bustles behind you. Even with masses of people behind me in these shots, running to shows or to grab a quick coffee, I was captured in complete stillness. Maybe that is super corny and random thought (likely) though looking at a moment of stillness helps bring you to complete harmony, regardless of where or what you’re doing in that one moment. 

Also, this jacket is my new best friend. Don’t worry though, don’t expect to see it for a few weeks since it’s under renovations thanks to a little makeup spill (insert crying cat emoji here).


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