Brunch at Pure

Raw, vegan and gluten-free lasagna made with cashew cream ricotta and zucchini. A low-carb, healthy lunch option that is super filling! I’m a major fan of the creamy ricotta, which is insanely similar to your delicious creamy dairy cheese. 

Another low-carb and paleo option is the raw sushi made with jicama “rice” which is tasty, and a light beginning. 

One of my favorite NYC getaways, tucked away on Irving Place by Union Square, is Pure Food and Wine. I originally reviewed Pure months ago (see it here) and knew this was going to remain my go-to meeting + hideaway spot for forever. Pure invited me in again to review their brunch menu, and I couldn’t help but excitedly make another reservation, and bring Angelina with me during our busy NYFW day. 

The thing about Pure is you could sit in their hidden patio for hours, sipping on freshly squeezed green juice (or mine which was made of beets and ginger) while taking a lazy Sunday afternoon and making it an adventure. I was actually sitting next to Sports Illustrated model Emily DiDonato, and we got chatting about our mutual love of raw vegan desserts at Pure Food and Wine. If a supermodel is eating coconut cream ice cream, you can too, right? Though Pure is slightly on the pricier side (dinner is the most expensive, with brunch offering more reasonable prices) if you’re seriously looking to save money, get cheap pizza on the street and head to this joint for dessert. Ever since I tried to the mint sundae over a year and a half ago, you can catch me sneaking in late at night on a midnight craving to grab one of these and bring home. They do not disappoint.


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One thought on “Brunch at Pure”

    Alexa! <3 you look absolutely stuning (as always!)
    I'm allergic to fish, so I've never tried sushi, but it looks so good! ^^
    x Alona

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