Academy of Art University S/S 15

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The Academy of Art University’s show presented a diverse collection of work, from timeless to edgy, showcasing a variety of young designers. Pieces strutted down the runway with that oh-so modern look that we see a lot now; loose fits, wider sleeves on women, neutrals, clean cuts and little details, which made these pieces stand out as something different. The men’s looks popped with bold fashion forward prints and colors on coats, button downs, and shorts.We’d love our boyfriends to wear these pieces. 

I fell in love with this show. The environment, the music, the looks; everything was on point. The lights went down, and suddenly, the drum beat on the stereo dropped. The first model walked showing a beige oversized dress with trousers and knit detailing. The next looks had similar styles but all played with a classic knit sweater stitch, one knit sweater went with short bell sleeves. Looks transitioned into black dresses with knee length vests, crop tops, mid-length skirts, headweaps, and light coats, which kept the audience on their toes. Each collection was versatile and wearable. 

The men’s looks were all bold patterns and prints, one jacket was decked out in pictures of big cities while another coat had a variety of prints in patches all over the jacket.

Some of the prints on the men’s looks went a little too close to the unwearable zone but some of it, while super bold, looked fun, young and, actually wearable. Fashion is about taking risks, which is what men looking to wear fashion-forward pieces like these will have to do. 

The show closed with all the young designers walking the runway, grinning and humble, to a great applause. Congrats, AA! 

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