“The One I Love” Premiere

“The One I Love” starred Elisabeth Moss, and the movie was…interesting. I didn’t exactly understand most (make that any) of the plot line, but it definitely had me laughing. The acting on the other hand was fantastic! I sat next to my fair share of celebs too, including both of the girls from “That Awkward Moment” as well as Mary Steenburgen, whose husband is in the movie. 
 Post movie premiere pizza at L’asso! 

This past week has been a crazy mesh of meetings, car rides, delicious food, and a few exciting events. On Monday, my business partner and I ventured out to East Hampton to meet with a few potential business partners, as well as enjoy a little getaway to the country. Monday was my first time experiencing the Hamptons, and I have to say, it is exactly how Serena and Blair portrayed it. Big cars, big houses, expensive food, and a whole lotta Gucci. I can’t say it’s exactly my scene, coming from such a small town means I’m not as used to the big cars and overpriced houses as some are, but getting out of the city for a bit wasn’t a shame at all. I need to take advantage of my friends with houses out in the Hamptons for future getaways!

Last night after a full day driving back from the Hamptons to NYC (traffic is a major deterrent to travel out) I headed straight to The Crosby Hotel for the movie premiere of The One I Love. Since I came straight from my shorts and t-shirt driving outfit, I had to change in the car, as well as apply full hair and makeup (still in the car) which had me feeling nothing less than a fashionista on the run. A few months ago on an impromptu trip to Bloomingdales to catch the sales, I picked up a stunning Guess dress that was marked down to $35, and last night was my first time to try it on. My heels were also by Guess, which I purchased for $40 at DSW a few days ago. Guess knows what’s up!

The next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy. I’m in NYC until Friday, and then back home to hang out with my friends and be home for a bit next week, and then I’m off to Baltimore on the 18th! I can’t wait to tell you more 😉
P.S. Thank you all SO SO much for the kind comments, emails, and messages in regards to my last post and article I published here. A part of me was hesitant to publish such an intimate article, but I couldn’t be more glad that I did.  You are all beautiful, regardless of what a mirror, measuring tape, or pant label tell you. Never think otherwise. 

Miss Fashionista

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