Styled by Sam: Geometric Prints

This past summer, I’ve met some incredible, inspiring people that I’m blessed to have worked with and whom I continue to be in touch with. One of them is Samantha, who I met while working at Susanna Galanis. Samantha is a powerful, shy yet outgoing (once you get to know her) and beautiful young girl from the inside and out. She’s attending college in Boston, hopefully transferring to LIM in the big apple soon, with desires to be a writer in the fashion industry. I’ve taken her on as one of A Life in the Fashion Lane’s newest team members, so get used to seeing this bright girl on my blog and on newsstands in the future! 

How to wear geometric prints, in person! 

I have a love-hate relationship with geometry, I love the shapes but hate the equations. With fashion week vastly approaching I figured I’d revisit the previous fashion week – featuring geometric prints. I paid the dentist a visit yesterday *cringe* and while patiently (or rather impatiently) waiting for my running-late dentist, I picked up a few magazines. While flipping through one, my eyes caught a glimpse of some bold shapes and colors. I quickly flipped back a few pages and read the word, “GEOMETRIC.” I thought geeze, math in the summer time? What is this??? (I’ve spent my last few weeks of summer watching Gossip Girl, using the least amount of brainpower possible). But to my surprise, and relief, this magazine was showcasing a major fall trend. Short story short, I was inspired – inspired by math, if you will, to bring you this ensemble of geometric prints for fall.



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