Little Black Dress

Goats milk salted caramel ice cream with halvah + carob chips from Victory Garden. Delicious, indulgent and much lighter than ice cream. LOVE this place. 

AEROPOSTALE dress//Dolce Vita wedges//Oscar and Anna clutch//Carolee necklace

Excuse me for being the absolute worst blogger lately. I give you my sincerest apologies. I’ve been overwhelmed with writing, taking a writing class, working, going to meetings, writing proposals, trying to eat and/or sleep (at this point, eating always comes first) and trying to give you content that will inspire you and will give you a reason to believe in yourself and also continue to follow me! So for that reason, goats milk ice cream to all of you.

That doesn’t mean work has overcome my personal time- I’m still going out with friends to parties, dinners, and the occasional macaron run as frequently as possible. A few weekends ago, my friend and I decided to hit the town, until I realized there was no little black dress upon my closet. No. Little. Black. Dress. Carrie Bradshaw has one, Serena Van Der Woodsen has one, but this girl, does not. I rushed (AKA took my time on the subway, got a cupcake on the way…) to Aeropostale in Times Square to get a few options for a basic black dress my closet was thirsty for. 

My life lately has revolved frequently around body image, and I’m in the editing process right now of a pretty life changing story I’m writing on the industry, body image, modeling, and confidence. That being said, shopping is not what you would consider my favorite hobby. Likely, would rather be eating or doing anything besides shopping my clothes (I love to grocery shop!) So upon being on this mission to try and find a little black dress, Aeropostale bombarded me with a few options to try on. I was also in a rush, so grabbed my size in this dress, threw it on, and ran out of the store with it. 

It’s not your average Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus black dress. For one, this was under $35 (STEAL!) and is edgier, sexier, and somewhat less classy in a sense. I knew after leaving I didn’t love it (not a huge fan of dresses that hug my waist super tight) but after wearing it out that night, throwing a blazer on top of it and my favorite O+A clutch, confidence flew to me. Wear what makes YOU feel comfortable and sexy. Not what friends and parents say looks good. You live for you, right? 
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