A Weekend in East Hampton

Driving down the main road in East Hampton, where the houses are bigger than mine tripled. 

Squid pasta! This was gross! I do not like squid!

The porch on my suite at The Mill House Inn, a post after this one will describe my incredible experience at this inn!

$12 worth of froyo, which was worth every dollar and every bite. No guilt.

After a meeting, you have to stop at the beach right? I’m in a Gap skirt, Zara top ($20 on sale!) and an H&M blazer. 

Shoes via Lulus.

Aeropostale dress, Michael Kors watch, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Carolee necklace and H&M blazer. 

Working lunch: Hamptons is the place for some of the best sandwiches around, so don’t forget to indulge in a panini: this one was bacon, cheese, chicken and a delicious sauce. 

I have been the shittiest blogger (ever) lately. Hate me if you want, I give you permission. Between moving out of my apartment in NYC, jumping from couch to couch to try and find a place to stay while in town, and also coming home, life has been a little too crazy lately. After a week in NYC last week, I decided do come home for a few weeks to have time with my friends before they go back to school, and get away from some of the stress NYC brings. To avoid exploding before the age of 21, you can’t succumb to New York’s intense lifestyle!

Thanks to my handy iPhone, everyday I’m back home I can scroll through my photo gallery and remind myself of the incredible past month I’ve had. With New York Fashion Week coming up wayyyyy too fast, the hustle and bustle is about to come around and be even more stressful, meaning my more leisure involved Hamptons work trip pictures will have to keep me in a peaceful state.

If you haven’t had a chance to head out to the Hamptons, (in my opinion) you’re not missing out on much. Several of my friends + colleagues have houses out there, though this past week was my first time journeying out, and to be honest my last unless business or an insanely dope and probably overrated yacht party brings me back out. That’s exactly it: everything about the Hamptons is overrated, to the identical BMW’s and Range Rovers, to woman in Vineyard Vines and Tory Burch (also all above 35+ and many will small children and a ridiculous amount of time spent at Soul Cycle, weekly) which makes nothing about this pretentious place a necessary visit on your bucket list. Again, unless there’s a yacht and lots of champagne involved, don’t waste your time traveling out in 3 hours of traffic during a summer day. 

The food was decent- of course, since we are on the water, everything was local and fresh, which was delicious, most food was ridiculously overpriced but it’s not like I’m not used to that from living in NYC. My FAVORITE restaurant EVER was Buddhaberry frozen yogurt, in Sag Harbour, which was an all natural yogurt shop with a huge selection of yogurt as well as some unusual toppings like flax, chia seeds and dark chocolate covered almonds. YUM!

Enjoy your week! 


Miss Fashionista

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