Why So Serious

Interesting note: my dress + blazer are from the mens section. Would you rock mens clothing?

Soho House for the Kitsune Bastille Day Party 
Oscar and Anna clutch//Susanna Galanis necklace// Boohoo Mens dress + blazer// G by GUESS heels// Michael Kors watch

There is something very funny about an industry that flourishes on beautiful clothing, crazy shoes and exaggerated colors of lipstick. To start from the beginning, when I began this blog at 12 years old, I didn’t expect to make it a career. I was an innocent, sheltered kid who had no idea that Uggs are not suitable forms of clothing when paired with a skirt and sweater. Now that this has become my career, fashion is something that I live and breath 24/7. The people in my life (my friends and family) know that my work is a part of me. It is also something that borders a fine line between my personal life (yes, I have one of those!) and work life. 

Since I’ve been working for Guest of a Guest this summer, there have been millions of events every week that I’ve had the opportunity to attend. From magazine parties to art gallery openings, each one is unique and interesting…a part of my job that never gets old is meeting people and networking, something that is and always has been very important since I didn’t come from a line of contacts and magazine editor aunts and uncles. 

Short story short, I’ve never been one to take life too seriously. You only live once, why spend it the boring way? Don’t be the one at an art gallery opening who is sipping wine and talking about finance. Be the one who shows up, grabs the wine, and socializes with people who don’t talk about finance. Be the one who shows up, grabs the wine, and doesn’t talk about finance. 

Disclaimer: Art gallery openings happen to be filled with less 16 year olds and more Wall Street guys who talk an obnoxious amount about finance (I really hate finance). Avoid these at all costs. 
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