My beautiful view from a rad Bollywood inspired dance class I took a on Saturday morning in Midtown! If you haven’t tried a dance workout, you’re missing out. 

Brunch at The Smile was a buckwheat waffle with blueberry syrup, orange peels and lots of maple syrup!

Wearing Anthropologie shorts//Dolce Vita wedges//Rebecca Minkoff bag//Boohoo sunglasses//Kensie necklace + assorted jewelry 

Mondays are not the best day of the week. Why can’t every Monday be a Saturday? I’m writing to you from Starbucks since I got out of work early due to a major wifi crisis in the office- the funny thing about this industry is how much people rely on wireless connections/cell phone calls and Instagram. Imagine a world without wifi and Twitter. Would that even be a world? I’m not complaining though- that means an afternoon spent on coffee, a turkey sandwich, and people watching. 

My good friend came to stay with me this past weekend, which was much needed after a long work week. I’ve been quite busy attending events for Guest of a Guest, and working for a jewelry designer a few days a week on the UWS. We hit up Umami burger (check out my last post!) and went out for a major girls night. Sometimes, all you need after a few awful past dates (boys suck) is your girlfriends. 

Coming from such a small town that falls asleep at 8 PM religiously every night is such a huge change from a big city. You can get pizza at 3 AM here (tried this for the first time the other day after a failed club attempt- pizza never disappoints) AND there was a line. At 3 AM! That is what I adore most about this city, for one, you’re never judged because there will always be someone weirder than you as well as someone who has their shit together a lot more than you, and either types of people are anticipated and expected. All you can do is smile, and maybe laugh a bit too.
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