Summer pinkberry: strawberry banana//raspberry with granola, honey, and fruit! 

CAROLEE necklace//GAP skirt and top//Michael Kors watch//Rebecca Minkoff bag//Nine West flats

Summer time style is breezy, light and colorful. As a teen, embracing your youth by wearing brighter colors versus duller ones will always be expected- let the old folks wear all the boring colors and you wear all the light ones! In an attempt to find clothes worthy of wearing to meetings in a  short amount of time, I ran into one of my all time favorite stores, Gap, for button down tops, skirts, and simply sophisticated pieces. Keeping in mind that Gap is always releasing coupons for at least 40% off, which is a major steal on everything in the store.

One of the struggles I have when trying to go to meetings is that my age seems to constantly affect what I want to wear vs. what I know is appropriate to wear. Most teens can go to school in cutoffs and tank tops, but if I’m working, being looked at like an adult is important to me and my brand. Opt for simple and bright patterns (like stripes and polka dots) that you can play up in a fun way with jewelry and accessories, and not feel like you’re trying to be any older than you actually are. The key is to wear what makes you feel most comfortable in, and if that is the case, you will win over any meeting, job, school event, or boyfriend (parent) in a heartbeat. Another tip is to surf through your parents/grandparents closets (through alllll that old, ugly clothing you’d rather be caught dead in than wear) and see if you come across anything worth updating. These Nine West flats above are from my mom, and she got them at a thrift store years ago, so you could consider them vintage. They worked better with this outfit than any other shoes in my closet did! 

Have a lovely Sunday!
P.S. New cooking video coming up soon!

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