Midweek Musings

 J’adore summer. Late night ice cream runs, spontaneous photo shoots in empty meadows, and tons of time to sleep, eat, and enjoy life. All my friends are finally on summer break, which is great since I’ve had an incredible past few weeks being home and spending time with them. I move into my apartment next week in NYC, which is slowly making me more and more nervous. You don’t usually hear many people saying they are nervous to move to their dream location for an entire summer, but there is a new responsibility under my belt, and several new jobs I have that can feel slightly overwhelming. I’ve never been the one to sit back, get a pint or a few of Ben & Jerry’s and spend my summer leisurely on my couch. What’s the fun in that? 
Wearing a new outfit to bootcamp class last night: pants by Ellie and an adorable new top by Lucy (coining this place the new Lululemon) that I got for a steal of $20 on sale! Also paired my new Lucy sports bra underneath (on sale for under $30 too). 

A late night calls for a smoked salmon omelette and lots of coffee! 

For those of you blessed with no bad habits, know I’m extremely jealous, since I’ve been a horrid nail biter since age 2. On a teen budget (aka nothing) I’m not one to “waste” money on clothing or overpriced shoes, but I can always justify $7 on getting my nails done so I don’t bite them to pieces. Hot pink is summer friendly. 

Late night ice cream run with one of my best friends: cake batter + strawberry shortcake for her//moose tracks with peanut butter cups for me. Peanut butter is life. 

Father’s Day brunch: drip coffee and eggs! 

Meadow musings with one of my favorite people. 

All over effortless summer style. How do you rock your favorite pair of cutoffs? 
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