Hair Styles for the Challenged

One of my best friends came to me yesterday wondering what to do with her hair since she was going out, though I told her I’m not exactly the best person to ask suggesting “beauty” is not my area of expertise. If I’m at a photo shoot, you can bet someone else is doing my hair and makeup, and if I’m not shooting, my hair is going up in a bun or a pony tail and staying there. Changing your hair is an outlet to express a new side of yourself. I recently dyed my hair purple because I can, which many people seem to forget in life- you all have the option make yourself look and feel different, no one is stopping you. 

Below are a few examples of hair styles suitable for date night, girls night, school, work, or meetings, and can all be done in 5 minutes! 

I highly recommend investing in Surf Spray, or a similar product that can be found at Sephora/ drugstores. Surf Spray is a blessing in the summer, especially if you’re looking for that sexy and subtle “i just went to the beach and forgot to wash my hair, oops” look. I put Surf Spray in after getting out of the shower (don’t blow-dry) or when my hair is dry and I needs a little boost. This is the best $25 you will ever spend. 
The Wavy Unsettled Look


One of my favorite and easiest hair styles to pull off is the little braid and waves. Whether you just got out of the shower with wet hair (in that case, spritz surf spray everywhere on your head and scrunch your hair together) or your hair is dry, you can create light waves with a curling iron, but if you’re like me and have absolutely 0 idea how to do that, twirl your finger around your hair and make it all nice and bouncy, and then take 1/4 a section of your hair at the top and braid it to the side. Take a bobby pin/ pretty clip and clip to the side. 
You can also (instead of braiding) twirl your hair around your finger and clip it to the side of your hair. This is supposed to look messy, so don’t freak if it doesn’t look Vogue worthy! Hair is great for reasons being you don’t have to have perfect hair to get away with a cool look.
Audrey Hepburn Takes Hair 


An even easier look than braiding and twirling is a simple and classic bun. Audrey Hepburn esque. This look doesn’t require any product besides hair spray, one of my favorite brands stylists use is Tresemme, and a brush. Begin with bringing all your hair to the top of your head and making sure there are no bumps throughout (brush hair out thoroughly before beginning) and either do a sock bun (Google this- way above my skill level) or twist your hair in a roll type of formation and stick it right to the top of your head, tie with a hair tie. 
Take your hair spray and spritz approx 5 inches away from the hair so baby hairs stay down and you have a very sleek and refined look. Put on a headband or don’t and voila! 
Sexy Braids 


For a few good 15 years I didn’t have any clue how to braid my hair, until one day I decided my life needed to change and I taught myself how to braid. Thank you, Google and YouTube. Braids are very easy (for those in the position I was in for 15 years, go here) and can be done in under 3 minutes. For this look, I begin with surf spray, and then I part my hair to the side. Leave a few loose hairs out for that unpolished look. Braid all hair mostly to the side but don’t pull hair tightly, you should have some hair falling out (only a few pieces). 
Spritz surf spray over again or a little hairspray and tousle your braid a bit too for added fun. Hair is so fun. 
Rocker Glam 
My favorite look! The one that requires me to do nothing! Shower, put volume cream/surf spray in your hair, scrunch hair, scrunch more, throw your hair to one side for a side part, add more volume cream (the white foamy thick stuff) and pat down untamed hairs, done. 
P.S. A new YouTube video will be up next week…sorry about the delay this week!
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