Cooking with The Hungry Foodinista: Karlie’s Kookies


I have decided to start my own teen cooking show! I just published my first video which is cooking gluten-free, vegan Karlie’s Kookies from my recipe here. Y’all know how much I love food, and especially love to cook healthy, nutritious and tasteful recipes that are also affordable on a teen budget. All of my ingredients are easily purchased at local retailers like Walmart, Target, BJs, Costco, or Stop & Shop, and since I follow a primarily gluten-free diet, are certified gluten-free. These are a super simple and delicious recipe to whip up for a party or if you’re having a bunch of hungry friends over after school, plus you can stick your finger in the cookie dough when you’re eating it since there is no eggs! How awesome!
Let me know if you like this video and if you have suggestions for any other recipes I should cover. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 
Miss Fashionista

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