An Earthy Glow

Vintage skirt//Forever 21 top//Target sandals//RumbaTime watch//Vintage bag//Vintage headband
*photos by Becky 
Summer means farmer’s markets every Sunday. I’m a huge fan of heading to my local market with an empty bag and stocking it to the brim with organic produce and sweets. Since CT is known for having billions of vendors and brands that offer every food from freshly baked and crusty bread to handmade artisan cheeses, you won’t find one food not worth splurging over. I’m beginning to prepare to move in to my new apartment in NYC (!!!) later this month for the summer, since I got an incredible job at Guest of a Guest and am pumped to be joining their exquisite team. This means even more hosting, events, after parties and exciting fun for you guys to be a part of. I love giving you a sneak peak into this mesmerizing industry. 
Keep your eye out for another Cooking with The Hungry Foodinista vid this week! Anything you want to see me make? Tweet me @alexa_curtis or comment below! Now back to studying for the SATs  my breakfast. 
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2 thoughts on “An Earthy Glow”

    Clarissa Z says:

    I love the top and skirt, such a lovely outfit to go to festivals and farmer's markets 🙂

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