A Stop Along the Way: Corner Table, Houston

Fresh celery, jicama and carrots made for a lovely addition next to spicy wings. 
Though not fully paleo, the cheese plate with hearty and crispy local bread was a light and refreshing beginning to a large meal. Cheese is life. 
My mom ordered this pistachio encrusted fish with a fig jam, which was actually tastier than my paella, and had a great contrast of spicy and sweet. I never considered using sweet jam on fish! 
At the end of my meal, my kind waiter came around with a giant plate of dessert options (no dessert menu here: choose with your eyes) and there were about 5 paleo dessert options and a handful of non-paleo ones for those seeking your casual sugar high. 
This is the chocolate avocado mousse with coconut whipped cream (I make this 10x better at home, this whipped cream wasn’t sweet enough, and there could have been more fruit options to top with) but overall this dessert was the healthiest of all, and quite filling with avocado. 


I opted for the paleo vanilla beet cake (!!!) with kale ice cream. Don’t be afraid- kale ice cream tastes nothing like kale, and more like green tea infused green ice. Delicious! My beet cake was moist, fluffy, and not heavy at all, which I look for in desserts. It was the perfect amount of sweet and wasn’t going to give me a major sugar high. 
Paleo food is…often tasteless. When you remove grains, carbs, sugar, and dairy from a meal, most assume you end up with a whole lot of nothing. I began a journey on the paleo diet after suffering severe symptoms from IBS beginning last year when I was vegan, and the minute I took out grains/carbs from my diet, my symptoms improved, I lost weight (the healthy way) and felt much clearer and stronger mentally. Plus, got to experiment with cooking paleo food that tastes great and makes you feel great! 
A few of my favorite paleo bloggers rave about Corner Table in Houston, Texas, so on my recent trip to Texas, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to go out for paleo food I wasn’t cooking myself. The scene inside the restaurant is…let’s say, very “paleo” with lots of open sunlight, beautiful and bright pictures on the walls, and a great patio with a large crowd for outdoor seating. I was so excited I couldn’t help but order several different courses (I was sharing with 3 people!) For starters, I opted with the local cheese plate which always stands out to me on any menu, especially in a place with a large emphasis on local food, like Houston. The cheese plate was OK, nothing super special or unique, though definitely fresh and filling!
I loved the tender buffalo chicken wings, made with almond flour instead or regular flour, with a ranch dipping sauce and cut up carrots and celery- just like regular wings! They could have been a tad bit crispier but I’m not complaining for American cuisine gone healthy. Spicy chicken mixed with subtle and sharp cheese was a beautiful beginning to my meal. Best part? Not having to worry about secret and unhealthy ingredients in my meal, like at your average restaurant. 
For the main course, I went with the seafood paella. I’ve never ordered paella at a restaurant, and I wanted something different over the other low-carb options like coconut flour crepes and cauliflower rice. This paella was spppiccccy and very tastefully made with a mix of strong spices. I loved the cauliflower rice, though there wasn’t enough of it which was slightly disappointing, even though I love the idea of eating rice like the old days. Corner Table knows whats up. Why are there not more Corner Table/paleo heavy and friendly restaurants around? NYC, get yo act together!
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