A Major Update!

Rad looks from Life is Good preview- keep an eye out for an upcoming collab with them and me! 


No longer the “earthy and older” brand is a new and inspiring collection, donating 10% of proceeds to charity! You know how much I love a collection with a benefit of giving back to the community. 


Freshest strawberries from Union Square Farmers Market. 


Sophie and Lyn, with Lyn holding up one of the pieces from her latest collection. 


Sophie and I! I’m in a Missguided dress (remember it!?) and Rebecca Minkoff bag 


This summer, I’m officially moving into a new apartment in Tribeca with two lovely roommates since all my work will be in the city this summer. This is the view from my room. 


NYC has me inspired just by walking down the street. 



Lyn Devon’s latest collection…all handmade and selected in New York. 


Good good morning beautiful people! I feel as if I have not posted on my blog in decades…and for that I am truly sorry. I headed to NYC on Monday with the plan of returning Wednesday (which I did) and managed to get more done with less hours of sleep than I normally would on a short trip. I’ve been so so utterly blessed lately with an incredible amount of feedback, inspiration, and supportive thoughts and comments from everyone from my fans (you guys!) to my family and friends. I never began this blog for anything that has happened to me to happen- I began it solely to help teenage girls and young adult girls *like yours truly* to feel beautiful and confident about who they are. What has happened lately is due to a ridiculous amount of emails, internet stalking, and hours of hard work, which does pay off. Ultimately, if I can wake up every day moving forward and know that one girl feels beautiful about themselves when they wake up, my mission is already completed: everything else is just a bonus. 
On Monday, I headed to Coney Island with a great photographer friend who wanted to shoot me in a few looks by upcoming designers as well as Desigual, and so we trekked the hour journey from NYC to shoot on the windy beach. That took up most of Monday (photos coming soon) and I got back to my friends apartment in Brooklyn and completely crashed. Modeling is slightly exhausting to those who underestimate the powers of standing in front of a camera for hours! 
Tuesday was a really fun day-I met with the crew over at Tory Burch and an incredible woman there that came across me, and I’m going to begin working with them on social media for an insanely genius idea they are starting! I’m beyond excited to keep you updated with that, but for now I will leave you in utter suspense….
I also went to a networking event with Sophie Elgort and designer Lyn Devon on the UES at Lyn’s atelier. Some of you may know Sophie as the impeccable and successful Vogue and fashion photographer (she hails from father Arthur Elgort, as well as brother Ansel Elgort who stars in The Fault in Our Stars and went to my acting camp!) Sophie is intelligent, well educated after graduating from Brown, as well as reserved and kind. Lyn and her made a great couple as they questioned and answered everything from fashion to making it in this industry. 
 If I don’t end this post now, it will most likely continue for a few more years, so I’ll save the rest of my news till my next post. 😉 
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2 thoughts on “A Major Update!”

    OH MY GOD I AM OBSESSED WITH ANSEL ELGORT. Im sorry i just had to put that in there it's SO cool you met Sophie and Sophie if you're reading this Im sorry I brought up Ansel but you seem pretty awesome too! I love when there are powerhouse family's like this 🙂 Can't wait to hear all about your summer in NYC! Ahh!

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