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GAP shorts//Forever 21 top//Superga sneakers

Today is the day I move into my new apartment in NYC! I’ve taken the past few weeks to bond with my friends and have some innocent fun on my last few days in the country, ignoring my mass emails and phone calls I haven’t returned (sorry not sorry about that…) because sometimes being a moderately normal teen is pretty fun. I start work Monday at Guest of a Guest  and start work at my new sales job on Tuesday, so 3 days at Guest and 2 days at my sale job (insert pink woman getting a massage emoji here). I’ve gotten pretty stuck in a routine of waking up, working out, and lounging around all day while trying to figure out what to do with my friends in the evening for the past few weeks, but I’m ready to switch things around a bit and get in a different routine.

Likkkkeeee my hair! Which wasn’t dramatic enough before when I ended up coming up with light pink hair which faded after a week, so I went back and had my stylist do a major change like originally anticipated. Can’t say this hair isn’t going to take some getting used to, and the stares in public also take some getting used to, though being/looking like everyone else is boring. Be you. Have crazy hair, wear crazy clothes, paint your nails the weirdest design, wear shoes that your parents and friends are going to hate. Do it because you love it, not because of what anyone else says to do. 

Miss Fashionista

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2 thoughts on “Be Yourself”

    Alexa! I love the new hair. I got a sneak peek on insta and was so excited to see it. So proud of all you're accomplishing, my friend. I remember back when we were both just wee little 14 year olds blogging…shit, look at you now, Miss New York City! Have the most amazing summer 🙂

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