The Grove

My fabulous custom Ryan Porter bracelet, as seen on Access! 


GAP dress and jacket//The Ropes Maine bracelet/ Ryan Porter custom bracelet//Superga sneakers//Oscar and Anna bag//Ray-Ban sunglasses
Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! The weather here in Texas is fabulous. Warm, but not too hot, unlike the major heatwave that occurred while I was in LA! These pics were taken by my amazing new friend Tatiana, who I’ve connected with via the internet blogosphere, and finally met while in LA. The internet constantly surprises me and leaves me in awe…many of my closest friends have come into my life via the internet. I love that social media brings people together in such a major way.
Since LA is so hot, I opted for easy breezy outfits, like this simple new maxi dress from Gap. I went on a major shopping spree to Gap before I left, and escaped the store with this simple yet classic maxi. These are necessary in every girls closet- never resist a dress that will make you look even taller whether you’re petite or a giant! Also notice how I tied this long maxi dress up in a knot to escape some excess heat- this is a great idea for those looked for an updated look. 

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