The Classic Style

Cool part of this hotel was their interesting floors! Wonder if the carpet was from Floors USA? outfit//Oscar and Anna bag//RumbaTime watch//Ryan Porter custom bracelet 
Traveling comes with many bonuses. The first one being a chance to experiment with new outfits that work, some that don’t, and lack of judgement from your peers, since you are surrounded with a whole new friend group. On a last minute outfit freakout of deciding to switch my Access Hollywood outfit to something different than the one I spent 4 hours choosing out (fashion sucks) Lulu’s was kind enough to send me several dress options and a few pairs of beautiful sandals. I opted for the light blue “cupcake” dress while filming, and had this stunner leftover. If you’re like me, you have hips, and maybe a little bit of a summer butt forming (thank you, squats!) so tight dresses don’t exactly make you look like Karlie Kloss. I’m not a huge fan of super tight outfits anyway, since I never know if I eat too much at lunch/slump in my chair will be spotted with a less than summer friendly bod. Though, always embrace what you beautiful souls look like whether you ate too much or look like Karlie! 
To keep this dress less sexy and more parent appropriate (my mom is always all you can’t go out in that, or that, that is awful, go change) I threw my favorite faded denim jacket on top, as well as a subtle but feminine pair of nude heels. Lulu’ is seriously the best for every outfit occasion on the planet!
Happy Sunday, eat some pancakes for me!
Miss Fashionista

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