Spring Workout Fever with Ellie

One of the reasons Ellie is so attractive to me is due to the use of bright colors and bold prints. I’m a huge fan of a neon color pant or sports bra in the summer, because why not, and Ellie manages to do just that. 



I did ask for a size M top and ended up with a size S, because I hate workout clothing being so tight fitting, so I may exchange the top, but overall the fit of the clothing is breathable and very flexible. Comfort is key over all else!


Ellie  top and pants//Brooks sneakers//Lululemon headband//REI jacket
Goood morning Saturday! I hope you’re waking up and getting a killer workout in like I am before heading off for a busy Saturday. You know how much I love exercising: the feeling of adrenaline pushing through you while doing an intense ab set, or a long run in the rain…no feeling is like that of exercising. Plus, brownie points for a hard workout and rewarding yourself with your favorite meal (a burger or ice cream for me!) Whenever I have the chance to find a new workout brand, I get almost as excited as I do when purchasing regular day to day clothing. Ellie  approached me to review their high-end fitness wear, and I couldn’t resist. Everything from bright pants (like these ones- don’t worry about running in the dark anymore) and tight fitting tops suitable for a sweaty workout will have you summer body ready in no time.
Something about working out in fashionable clothing makes the process of lugging your butt to the gym not sooo bad. I throw my great top on, favorite Aeropostale sports bra, and new sneakers (which I am getting today, finally) and run excitedly to the gym to show off my expertise on clothing while running on a treadmill. Who knew working out was actually that much fun?
For 20% off your ellie.com order, use code AlexaCurtis20!
Can’t wait to see what you choose!
Miss Fashionista


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