Shooting for KXAN

My parents wanted to be in the picture sooooo bad. Just kidding (ignore the slight appearance)



Kohl’s dress and shoes//Target necklace//The Ropes Maine bracelet// hair by Blast Blowdry in Austin 
There is something magical about being on set. Vibes from the cast and crew before the camera starts rolling, the butterflies that form in your stomach from anxious nerves, and excitement went the camera stops rolling that you can finally stop sucking in, slouch instead of sit straight as a pin, and throw on some comfy sneakers and sweats! Shooting for huge productions like Rachael Ray is much different than shooting for local stations like KXAN in Austin, though I find sometimes shooting at smaller stations gives me time to have more of a relaxed and intimate conversation with the host, vs. a quick hello, hi, can someone please get my coffee? ok, we are rolling. Is weeks and weeks of prep for one shoot worth it for all of 4 minutes? Maybe yes, probably not, though the minute a shoot wraps and it went well, I’m nothing less than extremely happy and even more confident than before. 
Bringing in to the confidence comment, I’ve been learning so much about how important having confidence is. Unfortunately, most teen girls lack that gene, and I’m not sure why. Is it due to the levels of popular girls compared to ones who are more shy? Does it have something to do with boys? From personal experience (which, no, is not much, still I know how to embrace my inner Dr. Phil) dudes looooveee a girl who can walk in a room without a care in the world, or order a burger at dinner instead of salad (do that anyway). I never used to have the confidence level I have now- where I am at took me years to perfect, and everyday I make a new mistake and grow a little more. Part of growing up is making a mistake, falling down a few times, and coming up stronger than before. Confidence isn’t something you can buy at CVS or order on Amazon, it’s something you have to work for and work on until you feel like you’re at the level you want to be at. Trust me, if I got here from the insecure, sheltered and awfully dressed place I was at at age 12, you will get there too. 
P.S. The KXAN shoot is released Saturday in Austin- I will show you the tape the minute it is released 🙂 
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7 thoughts on “Shooting for KXAN”

    GIRL WHEN DID YOU GET SO FAMOUS…you're on TV all the time! I'm jealous and also in awe of you 🙂 You deserve it, and it's SO cool! Love the color scheme here…blue and orange together is my fave color combo 😉 (**cough cough UVA**)


    Being on set is so magical!! I remember my first feeling in the world! You are very right with the confidence part, it is truly key to being successful!

    Denise Sabs says:

    I find your dress very very beautiful and every picture you posted, too! Very nice hair style! Photoshooting/productions are great, but yes, weeks planning and then editing… and just a few of the photos will be used. But it's cool anyway! Girls lack confidence for many reasons, and one of them is the fashion world, unfortunately. The magazines photoshop pictures and create impossible patterns to be followed. But i hope everybody sees this!

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