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Untitled #89 by alifeinthefashionlane featuring sleeveless dressesGap was having a great sale this past weekend, and since I didn’t have many meeting worthy outfits for my traveling, decided to splurge on a few key items. I’m especially digging stripped dresses right now with denim jackets: there isn’t any style more classic than that. Throw a cute and trendy bucket bag on (try Forever 21) and you’re all set! 

Keeping it classic with Gap. 




la by alifeinthefashionlane featuring a black slouch beanie

For the hot beach days, I love a pair of denim cutoffs (especially this unique wash) with a muscle tee. I’m a major graphic tee person, because they are the simplest and easiest style (most often quite cheap too) to wear. A pair of Keds is a great investment sneaker for school and summer ($40 at Macy’s) and can be worn with almost every summer dress or pair of edgy cutoffs. 

Consider me the absolute worst packer in the history of packing. No one that travels often enjoys the process of putting half your closet in a suitcase, and then unpacking half your closet out of your suitcase once you’ve returned. I can’t get barely any of my clothing to fit in a suitcase, nevertheless plan actual outfits that will help me when I’ve arrived. 

I leave Wednesday for LA, and tomorrow for NYC. I am SO excited to let you know what major show I’m shooting on Friday (you can tune in and see!) that is making me quite stressed and nervous- but all worth it. Pre-planning outfits is the best option for me, to make unpacking less of a chore and more of an “I’m excited to wear this woo!” occasion. 

Sorry for the short post- follow me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the commotion! Will try and keep you posted on here while I’m traveling too 🙂 love you guys so so much-without your support and inspiration, I wouldn’t be here today, continuing to (hopefully) inspire more individuals and share my story. 

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    I just came across your blog and I love it so much! We are so similar..I am a teen blogger from New York and I am also a model! I just followed you..would love to stay in touch! xoxo

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