Access Hollywood Live: Looks for Less

Megan (confident) is wearing: 
Lulu’s heels ($23)


Bronty (bohemian) is wearing:

Taylor (romantic) is wearing:

Chandani (edgy) is wearing:
Top by H&M


Hi!!!! There is so much to say in this 10 week overdue blog post which I am very sorry about. The minute I landed in LA on Wednesday, I went straight to the Hyatt hotel (more explanation in blog post coming up) changed, went to lunch across the street, and straight to meetings. LA is fabulous. Imagine 90210 but better. I wish I wasn’t working the entire time because there is so much I would love to see, but that is a reason to book another trip sometime soon!
On Thursday, I went to meetings during the day and a Ne-yo listening party with my new manager and friends in the evening. I never had a good experience in high school meeting people my age, so the fact that I’m finally meeting friends who have the same experiences I have an understand this life are true friends. But enough of the Huffington Post intimate crap!
I went to bed at 1 AM on Friday and woke up at 5 AM to head from West Hollywood to Burbank to film for Access Hollywood Live. The shoot could not have gone better. These past few weeks have been living night and day booking models, styling outfits for girls I’ve never met (which is not an easy task) and planning everything revolved around CA. The minute my beautiful, healthy girls walked on stage and I sat down with the hosts, the past 2 weeks faded into the back of my mind. Access had the sweetest hair and makeup crew I’ve ever worked with, and I thank them deeply for keeping me sane in a moment of panic, like when the outfit I styled for one of my models didn’t fit her at all. Hollywood has taught me how to keep your calm till the end.
I’ve listed above where to get pieces from, for your enjoyment! See the segment online here
I’m off to Texas in a few hours. See you soon, LA!
Miss Fashionista

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2 thoughts on “Access Hollywood Live: Looks for Less”

    Very nice post! We have very similar are right, it is hard to find people who do similar things in high school (modeling, blogging, etc.)!

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