A Sweet Treat

Fruity soft serve with lots of fresh fruit! 
AEROPOSTALE sweater+wedge sneakers//Rock + Republic for Kohl’s denim//Michael Kors watch
Do you ever have one of those days where you can’t help but think, “wow, this is my life?” Yesterday was one of those days. This past week has been pretty insane. I booked a 3 day trip to LA with my business partner (flying across the world with no parents, for the first time) for a new line of work I’m getting into along with a major segment I’m shooting while there, and then I booked my Texas trip and am spending days on end planning my overbooked schedule. Nothing this week was going my way, and all of a sudden everything fell into place and was meant to be. Yesterday was an even better day, and I had such an exciting meeting that is going to lead to 100 amazing things- very excited to keep you updated!
Since yesterday began with a ton of rainy and ended up being super muggy and hot throughout the day, I wore my new fav boyfriend jeans (a great price from Kohl’s) with my Aero sweater. I’m not sure what the “B” is supposed to stand for, but I’m aiming it stands for “beautiful, boss, brilliant, or brains.” Nice coverup, am I right? I met Becky for a super late lunch at our hotspot, Chloe’s, for fresh fruit sundaes, and the peanut butter/chocolate one had me in soft serve heaven. I can’t tell you how glad and proud I am of myself lately that I followed my dreams. I didn’t begin with famous family, money, tons of contacts, or an “in” to the most elitist industry in the world, yet I’ve somehow made my way. It just shows that where you are from and who you are doesn’t matter. What matters is what comes from inside your brain that makes shit happen. 
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