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With prom approaching, I’m beginning to get my options organized for attire. Every year, girls across the country look forward to the moment where we have an excuse to dress up in our most ball like attire, and head to a memorable high school experience. Since I do online school now, prom this year will be a bit different, and I’m hoping to attend with one of my girl friends, since I’m not exactly a boy magnet 😉 
I can’t be more satisfied and excited about the options Caché  has. Whether you’re a major girly girl (like me) and looking for a glitzy and bedazzled dress, or you’re looking for something more subtle and monotone, Caché  offers something for every princess. My favorite part of searching on the website was having the chance to explore the vast amount of different dresses Caché supplies. Most brands have a few key prom dresses, but most don’t have a selection bigger than the size of my closet!
I designed an outfit above using a similar dress from the Caché  lookbook. This is a great option for the fashionable girl who is looking for a simple and basic look (even though nothing with Caché  is basic). The clutch can be found at affordable stores like Forever 21 and Lulu’s, while the sexy stiletto can be purchased at your local Macy’s or Nordstrom, even a thrift store will have a pair of heels! 
If you’re the fashionista on a budget (who isn’t nowadays) Caché is your prom hotspot. 
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