There is not one person more excited for this weather than myself, I guarantee you. I even put the title to this post as “SUN” in anticipation for the warm weather that is making its way to the East Coast. After months of snowstorms, treacherous winter winter, and bundling up in 10 layers, I can finally walk outside with a little sweater and capris on and not freeze to death. That means the winter clothes are out, and the spring florals are back in. 
Yesterday was a beautiful, bright and sunny day, one of those days that makes you actually think there may be some hope left in the world! The only downside about online school is most of my time is spent inside of my house, so yesterday my mom and I ventured out for a little retail shopping and photo scouting locations. We came across this vintage looking house on a main road, and I had to stop and take pictures. This location was too priceless not to. Consider the house a mix between a Cracker Barrell and old country farm. After taking a few pictures outside, the owner must have noticed two random people were in his lawn and decided to come over and chat with us. He told us how the place hasn’t been open for 20 years, but his original hope was to make it a country style restaurant. He’s planning on selling it now, since the economy has changed so much. 
Even though my entire conversation with the owner didn’t relate anything to my pictures/fashion, I realized how important it is to get out in the world, chat to everyone you can, make friends with your neighbors, and especially make a difference. Sometimes getting surprised by making a new friend or learning some history (even though history makes me want to run in front of a car) isn’t such a bad thing. 
Happy Thursday 🙂 
Miss Fashionista


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