A Stop Along the Way: Nizza, NYC

We began with an option from our great server of bread or “carrot cake” muffins, but of course, decided on both. The muffins are actually one of the best foods I’ve ever eaten. They came warm out of the oven, were moist and perfectly sweet, with an incredible contrast of a fruit jelly. Plus, tiny foods are just so much more fun to eat. We got about 7 or 8, which was a perfect amount for the amount of people at the table. 
The restaurant (which is moderately sized, on a weekend around brunch time was ridiculously packed and a little too tiny for my liking) is trendy with an old Italian inspired layout. A huge bar contrasted with beautiful photographs on the simple walls and classic wooden tables almost made me feel like I was in Italy!
Since Nizza is known for their gluten-free selection, I tried some of their GF bread with olive oil to begin. The people I was dining with actually preferred my GF bread to their regular dinner bread, that is how tasty the bread is. For gluten-free bread, Nizza knows how to get moist with perfectly flaky and crisp crust done right.


I opted for the gluten-free gnocchi instead of pizza (even though their pizza selection is extensive) since I’ve never had gluten-free gnocchi, and it’s definitely one of the foods I miss most with my allergy. Again, Nizza impressed me to the 10. Along with coming out piping hot with oozy, gooey cheese everywhere, the gnocchi melted in my mouth. I’ve never had such incredible gluten-free pasta. To be quite honest, the GF version is probably better than the regular version. Consider me hooked. Imagine an explosion of buttery and cheesy goodness in your mouth. 



Nizza has an extensive selection of pizza (both GF and not GF) to choose from. This was the classic mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil pizza on a regular crust. It was reminiscent of many other pizzas I’ve had, so nothing too special here, but still tasty. Next time I will definitely try one of their more unique pizza options (prosciutto, anyone?) Apparently,  real Italian restaurants don’t melt the cheese across the entire pizza, so I only got the mozzarella taste in a few bites. I would prefer to have mozzarella melted a little more evenly, but we can blame America for a mixed perception of pizza! 


This is the ricotta and greens ravioli, which was interesting, to say the least. One thing Nizza does right is a very vast and unique amount of options on their extensive menu. The taste of this wasn’t as prominent and rich as my gnocchi, but I definitely enjoyed the cheesy middle of the ravioli. 
Check out Nizza for both gluten-free and regular options at 630 9th Avenue. You won’t be disappointed. 
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