A Stop Along the Way: Bareburger, NYC


 Happy Saturday! How are you celebrating on this lovely weekend? I’m looking through these pics from a few weeks ago at one of my favorite NYC restaurants, Bareburger. I took a great friend of mine a few weeks ago to the restaurant and we went pretty crazy. The reason why Bareburger is so different from any other burger joint is the setup. When you walk in to Bareburger, expect to be seated in a dim and intimate setting, with people drinking a glass of wine with a burger on the side. Although a bit on the pricier side for a burger (closer to $15 for a meal) Bareburger is completely organic and grass-fed meats. With an option for buns like gluten-free tapioca rolls and burgers wrapped in lettuce or your regular bun, you can choose meats like bison, turkey, and beef, for an ultimate delicious meal. 
The sweet potato fries were crispy, warm, and indulgent, especially with Bareburgers special sauces. I opted for a salad (for a bit of a health advantage) with fried goat cheese balls and beets, which was a little too healthy for my mood at the time 😉 My gluten-free tapioca roll is the most delicious GF roll I’ve ever had! I was surprised at how moist and gluten tasting it was. 
We opted for a vegan carrot cake and ice cream sandwiches to end the meal, which weren’t as good as the burgers, but were a sweet treat after a heavy burger. The best dessert on the menu was the milkshake, which was a banana and peanut butter dose of heaven. I’m still dreaming of Bareburger to this day. 
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