Spin for Safety Charity Event: Autism Speaks

I was invited by Autism Speaks to attend a charity spinning ride at Swerve Fitness in the recent tragedy of Avonte Oquendo, the young NYC raised autistic boy that wandered off and was recently found. This personally affected me because every time I rode the subway over the past few months, I kept seeing the “missing person” flier up at every stop, and when I heard the outcome, my heart sunk. It’s such an unfortunate thing when a young child loses their life abruptly, and for a very common cause. 
I traveled to Swerve Fitness on West 18th street (close to Union Square) to raise awareness for autism, and spin for a great cause. I’ve never been to Swerve (call me a SoulCycleaholic) but the ride was interesting. Similar to other spin classes, Swerve uses upbeat music and an enthusiastic trainer to lead the read. The (small) studio has scoreboards on the ceiling in a “competition” type format, so the people you’re riding with  can team up against each other and get the best score. Plus, Swerve has a very unique addition that SoulCyle doesn’t have, which is calculators to show the time, miles ridden, and RPM on the bike during your ride. 
all proceeds from the event will go to Autism Speaks for their sponsorship of the National Autism Association’s “Big Red Safety Box” initiative. Your dollars went toward providing door and window alarms, safety alert wristbands, personal ID cards, and stop sign visual prompts for the 50 percent of autistic children who are at risk of wandering off… many of whom are unable to sense danger or communicate verbally.”
As of today, we have raised $7,346.00 for Autism. How amazing is that!?!?!?! 
My riding time was 4:15, but there were a few riding sessions earlier, so the studio was packed. 


Whether you were hungry before or after class, a local food caterer had a huge selection of healthy, light and fresh food to munch on. I had a delicious kale and quinoa salad, the inside of the chicken sandwich (I can’t eat the bread) and tons of fresh fruit. 

Inside of the Swerve fitness studio 


The most delicious juice from Liquiteria after my event! Liquiteria was the perfect company to sponsor the event, with healthy and fresh cold pressed juices for an electrolyte reboot after an intense ride. 
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