Mix and Match

With designer Cass.


No words about this insane jacket, besides GIVE ME!


A great and versatile piece from the presentation, this silk top could be worn as a dress or a major layering piece. And the print is just as trendy!
DKNY wax jeans//ZARA boots//BAR III dress (worn as skirt)//REASON CLOTHING sweater+hat//OSCAR AND ANNA bag
Happy Wednesday! I’ve had some sort of epiphany about life. The past few weeks haven’t been too great, and I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my friends, and the type of people I want in my life. If you want to be positive and happy, you have to surround yourself with happy and supportive people. My number one weakness with myself is sometimes allowing other people to determine my happiness, which is nothing close to anything positive and uplifting. I woke up this morning wanting to help the world even more, and really happy with myself and who is in my life. Yesterday was a great day! 
Now back to the fashion after my little rant! Somehow my SD card has become a little evil thing and isn’t working, so a ton of my London pictures have vanished. For a blogger, this is basically on our list of *top things that occur in the world which make a blogger contemplate jumping in front of a car* or something like that. SO, I’m working from iPhone pics here. On one of my last LFW days, I wore this tweed dress of mine over these rad wax pants because I successfully brought more pants than shirts and had absolutely nothing to wear! Another blogger nightmare! I stopped by the Caslazur presentation and had the chance to meet and chat with the incredible designer, who is seriously one of the sweetest people in the world- hey Cass! 
After stressing about not having anything to wear on top, I decided to throw my chunky sweater over the dress and opt for a few different layers. Even though not having anything to wear I hadn’t already worn really sucked, I felt proud I successfully put together a not half bad outfit with already worn clothing. You don’t have to have a closet full of designer goods and millions of pieces of clothing to put together a basic outfit. 
Miss Fashionista

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