No1 Cares (At All)


FREE PEOPLE overalls//AEROPOSTALE sneakers//OSCAR AND ANNA bag// BB DAKOTA leather jacket// KOTON sweater (underneath)// REASON CLOTHING hat 
If you follow me on Instagram (hint hint cough cough ya should because I’m SO close to 1000 followers!!!) you have most likely seen this hat worn and posted over 20 times in the past 2 weeks. After finding this hat in a small shop called Reason Clothing in the LES, I had to buy it. I walked by the store probably 15 times trying to convince myself this hat was not a worthy purchase, but a girl can only take so much. Reason is actually a super rad store, quite small and no room to move at all, but the items sold are one of a kind. Their online store is just as good, with even better sales. If you’re looking for a HOMIES hat/sweater or Celine shirt, this is the shop for you.
I wore this outfit to meetings on a rainy day in London. Every day is considered a rainy day in London. Just like my mom says, one minute the sun is shining, and the next minute you’re instantly transported to a  jungle! Quite fun for your hair actually. London was much warmer temperature wise compared to the U.S, but the rain was nothing to be excited about. How do you people live there!?
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6 thoughts on “No1 Cares (At All)”

    I'm a Londoner and I hate the rain. It takes a pair of good boots (often avoiding suede), an umbrella and tonnes of patience to handle it!


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