Counting Stars

Brioche French Toast
-didn’t love this pick, a little too dry and average for me



FREE PEOPLE shorts + top//Sienna Ray hat + bag//Urban Outfitters sandals//Michael Kors watch
I got back yesterday afternoon from my short trip to Miami. Coming back to the freezing snow is nothing exciting, but being back in my own bed feels quite lovely. The weather in Miami was at least 75 degrees everyday, so I wore lots of shorts and bright colors, making me even more pumped for summer. 
This outfit was definitely my favorite, mainly because of the insanely stunning gold hat and beautiful blue bag, both made by an amazing designer friend of mine Natalie. She is the sweetest person I know, along with an insanely talented and unique designer. I couldn’t get over the structure and beauty of this gold shiny hat, and with the pastel purple and pink, gold fit right in. 
When I wasn’t running around to appointments or working, of courrrseeeeeee had to make time to check out a few recommended restaurants to me in Miami. A few friends told me to try Big Pink in South Beach, so on Friday morning I drove there with a few other colleagues to get their fried chicken and waffles…no words. The only words being that meal will go down in history as one of the best things to ever taste my mouth. A waffle so buttery and decedent it actually melted when my tongue hit the fork (not even exaggerating here) add chicken and maple syrup to that combo, and you’re good to go.
I’m back home to CT today and off to London Wednesday! Who is EXCITED?! 
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