LFW: Ong-Oaj Pairam

I have finally arrived home to CT after a long day of traveling back from London yesterday. My heart is already longing for the traditional English breakfast served at my hotel everyday, afternoon tea and scones at a few beautiful restaurants (reviews coming up) and busy days spent figuring out how to navigate the tube on the way to shows. London officially has a piece of my heart.
One of the first shows I saw was the Ong-Oaj Pairam at Freemason’s Hall. What surprised me most about attending LFW is how similar the setup is to NYFW. AKA the same insanity that comes with NY comes with London. Crowds of people lined up to get into the shows, street style photographers outside snapping every fashionista getting out of their cab, *cough cough* lots of free goodie bags… Ong was a great show to begin with, because the collection was sexy yet subtle and very RTW appropriate. Even the floor length gowns would be suitable for an evening on the town, not necessarily the MET ball. What struck me most was how willing the designer was the experiment with several fabrics and prints to string together a tasteful yet collected collection, something that is hard for NY based designers to do. 
P.S. I am SO SO sorry for the delay in my Coffee Shop Candid videos! I was so motivated to have one up every week but with all this traveling all I want to do on planes is sleep, not edit 🙁 One will be up very very soon. 


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