Welcome to 2014!

Posing with the cutest dog ever.
With my friend who was in from Miami…at the W Hotel in Union Square!


Big eyes at the best potato latkes and bacon wrapped dates we ever tasted.
With my beautiful friend Anna of Oscar and Anna!




My heels are here. In an Anthro dress, clutch, and jacket, with Asos heels.
Hello hello! Happy 2014! I got back from the city last night, and woke up to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. New Years in the city was incredible. I can’t describe the atmosphere of the place on the evening before a new year, absolutely magical sums it up best. Girls running around outside (in -4 degree weather) in short dresses and high as the sky heels, boys on the move at every corner to find a girl to kiss at midnight, and lots of happiness throughout the city. 
In regards to my outfit, I couldn’t have been happier. A few days before leaving (baaadddd idea to try and rush to find an outfit 2 days before a huge event!!) my mom and I rushed around the malls and boutiques, looking for a dress that was sophisticated yet sexy and very me. There is nothing worse than wearing a dress or outfit that isn’t 100% you. The mall was a complete miss, but on our last stop after several consignment stores (all with nothing to offer besides overpriced designer shoes) we stopped in Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores. A downside to Anthro is that the majority of items are on the steeper side with price, many of the dresses were over $100, and that includes all of the cute, NYE suitable ones. Fortunately, most of the store was 40% off, so this outfit was worth every penny I saved. Plus, I considered it pre- London shopping!  The dress itself was originally $248, so for a little over $100, I was satisfied with the price. 
Being the sale junkie I am, I raced to the back of the store and surfed through tons of different racks, first finding an adorable wool short sleeve cardigan, and finally coming across two dresses. The first dress was simple and black, with gold horses, and the second was completely out of the box: blue and black stripes with a sequin top, and a huge bottom.  At that point, the black and gold one was looking pretty suitable. In an attempt not to cross an ideas out too soon, my gut told me to try both dresses on before making a final decision.
I tried the first dress on, and wasn’t too impressed. Simple, but a little too simple for the occasion. I turned around, zipped up the striped one with the sequin bodice, put on a pair of black heels and the fuzzy jacket, and turned back towards the mirror. My eyes opened slowly like a toddler in a candy store. I was hooked. I opened the door so my mom could see, and her face was quite indescribable. “Ummmm…” She did not look impressed. Slowly, her expression changed, and I could see her begin to fall in love with the look just like I was. After a few twirls and a princess moment in the back of the Anthropologie store, I left with an incredible jacket, dress, and clutch (plus an adorable hat I didn’t end up wearing on NYE but will definitely be wearing soon) and a whole lotta pride. 
How was your NYE? Do you go out every year and buy a new outfit, or do you prefer to stay home and snuggle up with a mug of hot cocoa? 
Miss Fashionista

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