Stop Along the Way: Sant Ambroeus, UES

In a Gap jacket and Kensie sweater.

Welcome, welcome, to a new segment on my blog that I call “A Stop Along the Way” unless the name gets boring and I change it (more than likely.) Any who, this new segment (yay!) is going to chronicle the top places and scenes I go to and recommend that you visit if you’re on the East Coast (hence the stop along the way part.) Whether it be food, fashion, art, or anything else worth stopping by, it will be featured here on the blog.
My first stop is Sant Ambroeus, on the UES in Manhattan, NYC. With more than 2 locations, SA has slowly become a steady go-to place for New Yorkers. I first adventured there a few days ago with my friend from Miami, in need of some hearty warm food to get us ready for the day. I am always skeptical of trying new restaurants in NY, since the food is so expensive, and spending $25 on a plate of salmon and broccoli really doesn’t interest me. BUT I would never say that I’m not willing to try any food (unless it’s duck or lamb- no thank you, oh and no cow tongue or any mouth particle either) so pasta and Italian cuisine didn’t seem too far fetched. I’m not a huge fan of Italian, but I walked in to SA with an open mind.
Upon entering, the restaurant transports you to a little cafe on the side of the street in Paris, with a bar in the front with espresso and cappuchino, and a small to-go section that serves hearty sandwiches (for $4!) with a huge array of desserts. Everything from tiramisu to cheesecake to pies and cannolis…this place has got it allllll. After fawning for a few minutes over the exquisite dessert platter, we were seated, and I opened up the large but chic menu. Your classic Upper East Side woman is seated at every table: picking slightly away at pieces of toasty and soft bread, decked out in fur jackets and knee-high leather riding boots. Intimidating? Not quite. The manager of the restaurant who seated us actually intimidated me more! A huge chandelier and quaint colorful pictures hang all around the restaurant, with the seating area not too large, but just right. 
The usual foodie I am, I questioned the waiter 100 times before ordering. He recommended the prosciutto and mozzarella (first time ever trying the meat), which was heavenly. Rich, creamy and fresh mozzarella mixed with slightly salty cuts of lean meat was a party in my mouth. The mozzarella was so fresh that you could basically slide your knife through it and the whole ball would fall apart. Let us take a minute to remember we are in New York City, not Italy here. 
I was all ready to order my tuna tartare ($24 for a very small platter) but my friend recommended the pasta- the place is known for the pasta. I felt guilty about getting non gluten-free pasta, but to my surprise the waiter said they had gluten-free, as a matter of fact! It was unfortunate that they didn’t list gluten-free pasta on the menu, because I assume many people go in there looking for gluten-free and don’t expect to have to ask the waiter first. My friend and I ordered the pesto pasta (mine GF) with chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes, and peas. I was quite impressed! Although, many restaurants tend to overcook GF pasta which is disappointing, this one was only slightly overcooked, so I could still get  the taste from every flavorful bite. My one concern being the pesto was a bit too watery for my liking, but other than that, bellissimo! (as they say in Italy?) 
We left too stuffed for dessert, but the next time I vista I’m ready to jump with 2 feet in and go all out! 
Let me know how you like this new segment, and if there’s anywhere specific you’d like me to venture to! 
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