Behind the Lens

On set shooting Liberty Treehouse earlier this week.


I’m wearing a dress by Bar III from Macy’s, The Potter’s Pot jacket, Carolee necklace and J.Crew flats.


The set of Liberty Treehouse uptown at NEP Studios!
This is Raj, the insanely cool host of the show, that I had a blast filming alongside.


A lot of people ask me how I get on TV, how I go to fashion week (and don’t pay!) and what the experiences are like. It’s definitely not an easy question to answer, since photo shoots are much different than video shoots, and no shoot is like the other. The best advice I’ve ever given, and have learnt through personal experience on my own, is to reach out to every single person in the industry you’re striving to be a part of, since it can only help you. Whenever someone replies with a rude comment, or a “sorry, not this time” I just remember how Heidi Klum was turned down for years at the beginning of her career, and look where she is now. 
There is no better advice I can give besides network. Attend every event, whether it be a big time one, or a local one close to home. Unfortunately for me, my mom isn’t an insanely famous fashion designer or PR guru, and my dad is nothing short of your average country guy, so contact wise, I’ve worked hard to meet the right people.  After emailing back and forth with editors to PR and marketing people, you start to form relationships, which is key to getting where anyone wants to be, business wise. 
No feeling is like the one being on set, whether it be in front of a photo camera or a video camera. Some people probably hate the “attention,” but lucky for me, it’s one of my strong points. The minute I walk in front of a live studio audience, or step foot in front of a camera, I transform into a new person, one that isn’t shy, nervous, or insecure (even though I can’t say I’m either of those three words in person either.) Not that I didn’t used to be- practice makes perfect! 
Follow your heart. I’ve followed mine: I  dropped out of school to take this untraditional career path, with 100 borders in my way to stop me from following my dreams. Do I have one regret about any of it? Not one. 

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