A Stop Along the Way: Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

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Even the gluten-free fanatics like me have a place here, with several gluten-free topping options, along with a massive amount of fresh fruit.


This is the berry/granola bowl. Again, not my top choice, but maybe would be great with some soft serve fruit and cream on top? I added mine to my waffle.


We began with a sample of all the flavors in store: our favorites are chocolate and banana, which Chloe explained makes sense because they are the easiest to make. Making soft serve fruit with just apples, water and cane sugar is not an easy task!


This was an absolutely delicious and light vegan waffle that they top with soft serve fruit, berries and real maple syrup. Even better- the extremely reasonable prices for everything on the menu!


The finale? This bomb.com baby. Something along the lines of peanut butter, chocolate, crumbled cookies/graham crackers, chocolate chips, and soft serve fruit. Hate on this, Pinkberry.
As a born and bred American, you can call me a froyo fanatic. I’m much more of a rich and creamy ice cream fanatic, but froyo is healthier, right? On hot and humid summer days, all that seems tasty is a giant bowl of 16 Handles or Froyoworld, topped with chocolate chips, hot fudge, coconut, almonds, and mochi. This is a true calling from the heavens. Forget Alexander McQueen and Zara. When I found out about Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit in Union Square, a new soft serve fruit joint that is healthy yet appealing, I had to take my friend Becky and see what the commotion was about.
Hidden off a side street on Union Square, once you get the correct address down, Chloe’s isn’t hard to walk by. With a cute sign outside showcasing the flavors of the day (expect seasonal flavors like pumpkin in the fall, and year round flavors like banana and chocolate on your average day) on a wooden board, just the flavors have you lured in (darn you, cute wooden board.) The space is quite small, which a Pinkberry type atmosphere, only more intimate. Chloe’s doesn’t just have soft serve fruit- they also have piping hot oatmeal, vegan waffles (topped with real maple syrup + fruit), smoothies made with chocolate soft serve and creamy peanut butter, plus their uber cool and fun popsicles. 
What makes Chloe’s different from Pinkberry or Froyoworld? The ingredients. After having a great conversation over some delicious waffles and soft serve fruit with Chloe herself (she is quite reserved and sweet, unlike your average New York business owner), she told me a bit about what inspired her to begin the business and the backstory on it. Every flavor is made with only fresh fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar. No emulsifiers, ingredients you can’t pronounce, and your average crap here. Not even any dairy! Chloe began this journey after getting pregnant with her first child and feeling like their was no “healthy” treat she could eat, without harming her insides and feeling bad on the outside. That’s when Chloe’s began. 
My favorite was the peanut butter and banana soft serve fruit, and my least was the granola and berries (because it’s simply too simple.) The smoothies are clean and filling, and the waffle was just what I needed for brunch on a weekday! If you’re looking for reasonably priced, healthy, organic and something sweet, you need to check in to Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit, and enjoy eating gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free deliciousness. 
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