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Kate Spade x Keds 
For most, winter is the season of giving. Along with holiday shopping, giving back to the community is more than important. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for how to do this lately, especially since Thanksgiving means tons of  food leftovers. Since many aren’t fortunate enough to have an exquisite Thanksgiving feast like most, I’m thinking about giving the leftovers to my local soup kitchen so others can enjoy the holidays just like the rest of us. What are you going to do to give back this holiday season?
Now, back to the fashion! I’ve rounded up a few items on my winter wish list, excluding the first Zara dress above which I already bought (oops.) The holidays are allllll about the glitter, am I right? That means sequin skirts, shoes, hats, bags, jewelry… anything and everything that glitters is acceptable until after March 1st. 4 months to get every glitter piece in your closet! Sass + Bide is the designer of the fabulous gold shorts in the outfit created above, and something about them just screams a sexy Christmas. They are structured in a way that is chic yet sophisticated and expensive looking (with the $320 price tag, one would consider these on a higher price scale.) If you’re willing to splurge this season, invest in a pair of wool or tweed shorts similar to the ones above that will have you  warm and fashionable in. Or, for the teens like me, try Forever 21 and Pull and Bear that have super affordable basic wool shorts. Throw on a pair of simple black tights (less than $10 at TJ.Maxx or Walmart) underneath and you’re set!
Or, of course, you can just buy the $320 shorts above that will wreck your wallet BUT at least you’ll look cuter than everyone at the holiday office party.  
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6 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

    The Green Raybans says:

    I love everything on your wishilist- especially the keds! They are really cute!
    I have a new post and would love for you to stop by!

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