Turkey Week 1

The view from my room in Istanbul.

No idea what this actually was but it was beautiful and oh so colorful.


Wearing American Eagle on the steps of a colosseum.


Inside the Blue Mosque.


I had to take off my shoes and put a scarf around my head to enter. The experience was actually quite thrilling!


Beautiful design but this tasted awful. Found at a little coffee shop next to the first hotel in Istanbul. American coffee is not the same!


I’m so in awe of the colorful and bright fresh fruits and veggies everywhere I look. 

I’m back from my hiatus! My laptop has had absolutely no power since just now, since I’ve finally found a way to charge it (apparently in Turkey outlets are not like the ones in the U.S.) My time here so far has been “interesting” to say the least. Jet lag from traveling has got me sleeping at every chance I have, and waking up at 1 AM many nights, which is quite unfortunate. On the bright side, the sights and food have been AMAZING. Everything here is fresh and tasty: the fish is caught straight from the sea with no added hormones, same with all the deliciously tasty meat…and for the desserts…no words. Rich, indulgent baklava, turkish delight for breakfast, thick creamy yogurt with fresh figs, apricots and honey…I can’t even begin to explain how happy my taste buds are after every meal! 
So far, I’ve been in Istanbul and now just drove what felt like 20 hours to another part of the country, what they consider the European side. I’m here for one night, and tomorrow leave again to journey to another part of the country. Istanbul was spectacular, definitely my favorite stop so far. The people are quite interesting as well. I’ve been having fun going in and out of clothing stores here getting a sense for what people wear. Isabel Marant x H&M was released last night and there was a huge release party at the big H&M in the center mall, which was so incredible to see. Tons of socialites and fashionistas, bloggers, and editors showed up. Who knew Turkey was becoming the next fashion capital of the world!?
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