Inspired by the World

Chesnut and pistachio gelato anyone?
I went to a weaving factory today and watched the young girls spend hours weaving intricate and stunning designs for carpets. These wool samples were on the wall. The colors are incredible!
Evil Eye patterns on handmade clutches at an outdoor market.





I’m not big on art, in any form. Actually, I admire the people that can spend hours on end in galleries, admiring the hard work people put in to paintings worth millions of dollars. Don’t get me wrong, artwork is necessary in the world, both for pleasure and for work, but something about paintings never interested me (museums give me the same icky feelings.) Although, traveling around the world gives me new perspective. I look at the colors of ice cream and feel inspired to write and show you how it inspired me, and a simple knit woven bag turns from an average bag to an explosion of miraculous beauty. For someone who has no skills or interest in the art industry, this is quite the improvement. When I return home, my goal is to try and look up from my phone more often, and not spend as much time relying on technology for enjoyment. Life is too short to miss even the littlest of things. 
Never be afraid to look around and embrace the scenery. Society as a whole spends so much time on technology and looking down at their iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks constantly (I’ve fallen for it too) but little times do you actually look out the window when you’re in the car, or look up to see what street you’re on instead of texting. The world is an inspiring place, filled with people, art, scenery, FOOD, and a whole lot we are blessed to wake up and see everyday. Take pictures of every single thing, so one day you can be transported back to the creamy vanilla gelato that hit your mouth in Italy, or the simple cup of tea on Christmas morning, filled with moms secret ingredients. 
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