Home Sweet Home

My favorite part of the trip was visiting these ancient ruins, which were so incredible (and ancient!) 


In an underground tunnel were the mentally ill used to be housed. 


Wearing Current/Elliot jeans, H&M hat/jacket. 
Happy Sunday! I arrived home last night after a full 24 hours of traveling- I got into my bed and instantly fell asleep from exhaustion. Being back is so sad! Waking up this morning to no Turkish tea, yogurt, or bread and cheese is quite disappointing. On the bright side, I’ve got a brand new spankin’ handmade wool rug on my bedroom floor, the coolest handmade jewelry bowl, and enough Turkish Delight to last a lifetime. 
For me, traveling is all about comfort. Who wouldn’t want to be in 10 inch Louboutins and a ball gown every time they step on a plane, or go to dinner at a hotel? Unfortunately, comfort took priority on my trip, since long bus rides ensured a few naps (or more.) This H&M jacket was a staple my whole trip, and for under $60, is a major steal. My sneakers are from a local sneaker store, and are beyond comfortable and the colors are both fun and inviting. Before I left for Turkey,  I took a trip to H&M and picked up a few essentials, including the jacket and hat, and my whole haul came to under $120. A $6 hat!? Since airlines only allow one suitcase to be checked in, it was important for me to have items that could be worn multiple times but didn’t take up a huge amount of space. 
Fashion isn’t always about sacrificing your favorite items or pieces, it’s about finding unique and unusual ways to be fashionable and not hurt your feet or budget. 
Miss Fashionista

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