Veronica Beard//Models Off-Duty

There is something extremely cherished and special about a model off-duty.
Whether it be the way a tall, skinny girl walks out of a casting in her skin
tight leather leggings and white tank top, or the way her hair flows when she
is walking out from backstage at NYFW. People seem to forget models are 
people. When they aren’t a clothing hanger for a few hours out of the day during
a presentation, runway show or photo shoot, models actually eat, and talk, go 
to the movies…clubs…etc. However, what makes them different than you is their
style. Every model has a distinct style that is always caught during street style at
any fashion week. Most wear black and white, some dress up in combat boots and
short dresses, others in winter jackets and snapbacks, depending on the season. 
Not many times does anyone have the chance to actually interact with the models
unless they are the designer or makeup/hair artist during NYFW. When the girls
are done at one presentation, they throw off their heels, put on a pair of wedge sneakers
(so cliche) and sprint to the next shows venue. Veronica Beard’s presentation in the 
West Village opted for a different way of appealing to the audience. Girls stood around
on risers in a large studio (in one of my favorite parts of the city) and oohed and awed 
along with the crowd. Denim overalls with gold chain necklaces, slicked back hair and
leopard print: everything reminded me of a blast from the past, only you could wear 
the clothing to work and not be compared to a character on an episode of “Boy Meets World.” 
At the end of the presentation, the models and showgoers were invited upstairs to 
the roof top to enjoy cocktails (oops, water for me) and little appetizers
(that no one actually ate, but they looked damn pretty.) It was an evening of class, 
style, and appetizers too pretty to eat. At the end, the models changed quickly, and 
dashed out from the high-rise building to the next event of the evening. I can’t wait till I 
can finally say that is what I’m doing, too. 
P.S. New giveaway up next week!! 
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