Fitness Meets Fashion

Cory Vines top + leggings//Brooks sneakers//Nike jacket//Gap vest//Twistband headband 

Fitness is a huge part of my daily routine. I’ve touched on looking fashionable while exercising briefly, but I’d like to bring health + nutrition to the blog even more. I considered adding a “diet” page but haven’t decided yet- would so appreciate your advice below! 

As the weather gets much colder, going to the gym seems like a better option than freezing my butt off outside running or doing other intervals. Through the summer and fall, exercising outside is much less of a “force” versus just feeling good getting outside, whereas lugging myself to the gym can sometimes be a hassle. Plus, what is better than waking up on a Saturday and going for a nice run through the country, looking at the leaves changing and crunching through piles of green and orange leaves on the ground? 
That being said, after doing a fair amount of research for exercising in the cold weather and what you should be wearing, layers are supposed to be incorporated into an outfit. An amazing company called Cory Vines reached out to me to review a few pieces from the website, and anyone who knows me knows my obsession with *expensive* workout gear. Something about looking rad while feeling rad works hand in hand. I couldn’t resist the offer, and that is who I’m featured in today. With a reasonable selection of intimate apparel for exercising, yoga, pilates, etc, Cory Vines will have you in tip top shape in no time. 
Throw on a cute cardigan (like any of these ones here) after a sweaty gym workout to hide any possible stains, and you’re on your way to a better you. 
Miss Fashionista

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