NYFW Day 2!

One of the most intriguing parts about working in the fashion industry is the
excitement of coming across a reaaaallly rad new line, and being able to witness
it first hand before the rest of the world does. Well, in this case, I witnessed the 
latest collection from Novis before the rest of the world (not at NYFW) could. 
I’m calling it one of my favorite FW collections this season. 
ADOLFO SANCHEZ dress//ZARA boots//Vintage slip (underneath)//Vintage belt
Mulberry bag// Carolee necklace//Ray-Ban Clubmaster//Michael Kors watch
Equipment blouse


With my best friend who I never see, Brianna, that came in to the city just for 
NYFW and college tours! She had a blast (hopefully) running around to shows 
with me for her first season! Eek! 


On Friday, Novis premiered at 404 NYC in Chelsea with a highly anticipated presentation,
much to my liking since runway shows are getting pretty overrated, especially after you 
walk out the show and realize there isn’t one picture worth posting because the models walked so fast as if zombies were chasing them. Jordana Warmflash, the designer, showcased Novis for the lines second time at NYFW, presenting a collection that celebrates the ” playful individuality balanced with tailored silhouettes and luxurious textures.” With inspiration from mid-century modern architecture and furniture design (quite interesting seeing this is clothing, not furniture), Jordana brought together an array of mystical colors and fun patterns suitable for a spring fling. Most noted was the mix of bold patterns against other patterns, and the shoes that seemed to somehow match the pattern of the pants that was directly opposite that of the shoes. With clean silhouettes, geometric prints (hello, I knew geometrics were going to be big in 2014!!!) and cutting edge designs (literally cutting edge, that dress below is pretty artsy and angular) Novis brings a mix of uptown elegance and classic sophistication throughout the RTW line. 
There wasn’t one piece I didn’t want to leave with: from the structured jackets to cute hats and wooden clog shoes that I don’t expect to be too comfortable. Time to get out of your comfort zone and start pairing prints against prints and colors against lots of different colors. 


This outfit works because of the light pink in the jacket that matches the shorts.
Opt for a basic neutral color for shoes, like the simple black.  



Miss Fashionista

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