I Wish I Lived in New York

bracelet//ASOS flats//Femme d’ Armes silk wrap//ONECKLACE necklace 


I’m a huge fan of mixing modern elements with pieces that aren’t as contemporary.
There is something enthralling about throwing together items that aren’t expected
to look good together, and making them work. Half the time I try an outfit on, my 
mom looks at me and goes “um” and gulps, holding back her true feelings. That was 
the case for the first outfit that came into my vision today, which got a “um” and a 
gulp, and became this one. This jacket is the newest addition to my closet, along with
the clutch, but the jacket has the elbow pads which slightly remind me of the military
generation. Do I have the slightest idea what the back of the jacket says? Nope. But I
do know the colors are fall approved, and this is my throw on over everything from 
jeans to dresses and skirts jacket. We all need one of those. 
A trip to the city got canceled last minute yesterday since all the trains running from
CT to NY and back are canceled…for 3 weeks or more. Uh oh. Rescheduling can be such
a bust, but at least it gives me something to look forward to in a few weeks! This weekend
is going to be filled with apple picking, late night movies with my best friends, hot apple 
cider, and (hopefully) Sunday brunch. I blame NYC for my brunch craving that comes on 
every Sunday morning after I wake up. Lately, it has been inevitable, even when my mind
(and wallet) try to tell me that eating at home is more cost effective. But hey, when there 
is nothing better to do in your town besides go to brunch and try to pretend you’re in 
France, who can complain?
Have a very lovely weekend!! 


Miss Fashionista

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