Flavia Padovan Swimwear


Looking at bikinis and swimwear is the only picture keeping me warm right now.
The blissful days by the beach and sipping pina coladas at midnight are gone. But oh
boy, do I miss it!! 
Before Miami Swim Week, an amazing designer named Flavia Padovan reached out
to me, offering to let me review a beautiful piece from her summer line. I couldn’t
resist: everything from floral bikinis to sexy halter one pieces and shimmery cover-ups
were in the lookbook. Bikini shopping is never an easy task, whether you are a size 00 
or size 14. What woman actually likes their body in a bikini, even if they have the 
irresistible body every person dreams of? Flavia’s designs make you feel sexy and chic,
not trashy and juvenile. They are a mix of high fashion and RTW designs and bold prints
with a unique Italian flare. Her pieces are made in Italy and each and every one is strictly
handmade down to the last stitch. No garment factory or sweatshop is in sight here. 
The line is a look good, feel good inspired masterpiece. Just looking at a close-up
 of the stitching on my bikini top excites me. It’s unlike any bikini I’ve seen! 
I am quite excited to bring this masterpiece to Turkey with me, and hopefully will have
time on the tour to take a dip in the hotel pool (one out of the 5 I believe we are staying
 at!) and really test it out. This is one of those suits that you wouldn’t dare not go in the 
water in, because that would be a darn waste of a perfectly water friendly bathing suit.
Don’t be the girl that sits on the edge of the pool too nervous to make a move, just because
of an expensive bathing suit. 
Bold is best. 
Miss Fashionista


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10 thoughts on “Flavia Padovan Swimwear”

    I love your blog! You're really cute and seem to have a knack for blogging.

    That swimsuit is STUNNING! I'd probably stick to tanning only in something like that because I'm totally afraid of ruining a bathing suit with too much chlorine!

    xoxo Jackie

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