The Classic Eyelet

At Grey Dog sipping on an iced green tea!

Gap shorts, J.Crew top, Kensie necklace, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Superga 
sneakers, assorted arm candy, and my Liebeskind Berlin bag (not pictured.) 
I got the seared ahi tuna salad with a side of roasted broccoli + tomato, and my
friend got the avocado + goat cheese + pesto sandwich with a strawberry smoothie.
We both devoured the food! Something about the atmosphere at this place transports
me to a hole in the wall type from a small town, which is why I’m attracted to
it. You get your average hipster and model going to this joint.
A beautiful view over the river in Central Park.
I haven’t had much time to wear these adorable eyelet print shorts from the Gap this
summer, but when I do I can’t keep my eyes off of them. The perfect shade of dark
blue is classic and simple. Eyelet patterns can do no wrong.
Goood afternoon! I just woke up. Quite embarrassed over here. I’m a wake up
at (the latest) 8 AM kind of girl. I arrived home late last night from my weekend
trip to the city. My best friend came down for the day yesterday to visit me so it
was my duty to show him around and give him a crazy fun time. We began with
lunch at my FAVORITE spot The Grey Dog in Soho, and followed that with a 
bike ride around Central Park before the rain started coming down. He is your 
typical high school boy and coming from CT was so unprepared to be walking 
as much as New Yorkers tend to walk around, and by the end of the day was
slowly falling asleep. 
The weather was a little off this weekend, going back and forth between bright 
sunshine to clouds upon clouds. Living out of a suitcase has got to be one of the
most difficult parts of what I do. When I move to NYC for good, actually having
 a closet is going to be so relieving. Most of the time I bring a few outfit choices
with me, but that involves different pairs of shorts so when the weather switches
to rain, I’m always wishing jeans were another option. Uncertainty is always
said to be one of the upsides of traveling, haha. 
I have to say, I’m obsessed with my new Superga
sneakers. Even though there is a downside to them which is how heavy they 
are (my feet tend to feel like they are being dragged)  the sneakers are
 quite comfortable and match with every piece imaginable. And for the price
tag of $60-$65, I felt no regret taking my money and investing. 
A part of what makes them so rad is because of how heavy they are, the width
of the shoe is much thicker compared to that of a Vans or Converse sneaker, 
so a slight vintage appeal is felt. On days when all that feels right is a pair
of sneakers, simple shorts and a v-neck top, feeling fashionable while being 
comfortable is possible. 
Miss Fashionista

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3 thoughts on “The Classic Eyelet”

    Great outfit! I absolutely adore this ensemble, it's very cute. V-necks, eyelet shorts and a cute geometric necklace is really all you need!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

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