Religion SS13


I’m in a pair of Gap shorts, Citizens of Humanity jacket, Rebecca Minkoff bag,
and H&M necklace with assorted jewels on my wrist.
This style partially reminds me of the Lars Andersson ripped knits from
last season. These are necessary in my closet through the fall, and are
perfect on top of dresses, leggings, and jeans. 
A piece that appealed to me at the party! Not exactly seasonal, but a great choice
for a 4th of July party. It’s great to see FUN pieces in a line, since fashion continues
to (unfortunately) get more and more serious every season.


What appeals to me most about Religion is how they blend a pair
of ripped denim with an oversized simple sweater and a pair of black
heels with a fancy bag: it’s all about the balance here. Nothing too serious,
which is appealing to my age and older.



Known for its edgy and dark aesthetic, Religion’s SS13 + fall line makes me
giddy inside. After attending the launch party last week at the pop-up shop
in Soho, I was astounded to see the creativity and cutting edge work that went
into making the line. Along with fun drinks, blasting music, and racks of clothes,
the party definitely focused on the key inspirations for the Religion line: provocative,
modern, and appealing to the motorcycle style girl (and everyone in between.) 
Since I’m a HUGE fan of anything destructed, torn, or basically pieces that have 
no true agenda but are made for someone that is willing to experiment with a 
piece, this line was made for me. Whether you’re looking for something more 
“preppy” (is that appropriate to say when pieces have rips and tears?)
or a little something on the classier, work appropriate side, Religion has it all. 
With stores across the border in places like Ibiza, NYC, Bali and Hong Kong, 
don’t expect it to be long before you see Religion all over your closet. Trust me,
Religion is spreading that fast. 
Miss Fashionista

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